About Cascos Naval

Cascos Naval, S.L. launched in the 80s as the representative in Spain of the German firm MWH, the global leader in the manufacture of engine valves for two and four stroke engines.

In those early years the company was leaded by the Naval Architect and Engine Engineer Mr. Vicente Álvarez-Cascos Trelles. It was focused, almost exclusively, on serving engine builders located in Spain as: Bazan which manufactured under license of MAN, MTU and Burmeinster & Wain, Barreras-Vigo that manufactured under license Deutz-MWM, AESA Manises that made the two-stroke of MAN B&W, AESA Olabeaga who manufactured under Sulzer license , AESA San Carlos who manufactured under Storck license, Constructions Echevarria, B & W or Guascor , and others.

In the 90s a generational renewal took place and we created Cascos Naval as a Limited Company. Along this period most of engine makers in Spain were closed, so we moved our activity to the engine users, supplying our products in three sectors:

Two and four stroke marine engines making difference between two distinct groups:

Into the Naval sector, Cascos Naval has been getting, over the last years, a lot of experience as supplier of Navies around the world (like Brazilian, Argentinean, Kenyan, Turkish or Moroccan Navies). We can sell directly to the Navies as well as to their local representatives.

Two and four stroke stationary engines to be used in:

Automotive engines in three different groups:

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