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Cascos Naval S.L. sells spare parts and also offers an important service to his customers as the reconditioning of valve cages and cylinder heads for four stroke engine; including the study and test results of the worn-out components, which is very helpful to optimize the engine functioning.

Procedure for reconditioning of the valves and cylinder heads is very similar:

1. Incoming RUBI inspection (Rule Based Inspection):

  • Disassembling, washing, sandblasting and cleaning.
  • Visual and dimensional check of cylinder head/valve cage and all components.
  • Crack detection check (dye penetration test) of cylinder head and valve spindles.
  • Pressure test of cylinder head and valve cage at min. 7 bar.
  • Every cylinder head and valve cage is given an individual identification number. A product file is then created to trace the history of the cylinder head/valve cage for future reference.

2.Manufacturing process:

  • Mechanical overhaul of cylinder head/valve cage and all components according to correct specifications.
  • Visual and dimensional check of cylinder head/valve cage and all overhauled items.
  • Removal of components according to technical specifications.
  • Pressure test of overhauled cylinder head / valve cage at min. 7 bar and proper temperature condition.
  • Assembly of cylinder head/valve cage, function test and painting.

3. Final check:

  • Visual and dimensional check of overhauled cylinder head /valve cage and documentation of all relevant results.
  • Anticorrosion oil protection and packing into fumigated wooden cases.

4. Warranty:

All works are guaranteed along 12 months from date of the invoice and over the works we have done.

5. Other related services:

We can receive complete cylinder heads/ valve cages with the valves and springs installed. Our service would take care of the dissembling of the parts and checking, making their machining or replacement if necessary; and we would only invoice a part the material and additional works such the rectification of the valve cone but not the components assembly.

2 Stroke Engines

For 2 stroke engines Cascos Naval, together with MWH Germany, offers the reconditioning of valve cones, valve seats and valve housing. We include a large variety of possibilities, from a simple mechanization and cleaning of the valve cone or seat till coating and re-chroming of the part using different innovated methods like “Nimalike” “MW-C2” or “Cold Corrosion Coat”. All processes are offered including MWH reconditioning services located in USA, Singapore, China and Europe.


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